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CHESILHURST is a school district in Chesilhurst, New Jersey. If you are doing CHESILHURST research, we have prepared a great resource for you.

Our resource contains necessary information such as CHESILHURST address, city, zip code and phone number.

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NCES LEA ID STATE ID District Name Mailing Address City Zip Phone
3403030 070810 CHESILHURST 511 Edwards Avenue Chesilhurst 08089 [<=9999999]856767-5451

Other neccessary infos about CHESILHURST :

  • Average Daily Attendance is NA
  • Does LEA meet low-income poverty requirement? : NA
  • Does each school in LEA have locale code of 6,7, or 8? : NO
  • Locale codes of schools in the LEA : 3

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